Using 100% of Our Climbing Ropes

Apr 06, 2023Berkley Hanks

This company came about in an effort to take climbing ropes and completely repurpose them into products that can be used over and over again.

Ropes are risky to buy second hand, mostly because of the dangerous risks involved. With climbing ropes being a life saving device, buying a used climbing rope means you could be using equipment with an unknown history. It could have been mistreated or not maintained. Sometimes dirt finds itself underneath the sheath of the rope, ruining the rope from the inside out. All of these safety issues are impossible to indicate when purchasing a used climbing rope, and you want to be able to trust your equipment to catch you when you're on a rock face 90 feet in the air. We decided it's better to buy new and donate your old rope to a cause that can recycle it in a way that continues its life.

We are dedicated to using 100% of the ropes that are donated. We take the sheaths and make the products available on our website, and are in the works of using the core of the rope to make even more equipment that can service you on all of your adventures. Our goal is not to only be waste free, but to reduce waste as we produce and sell products.

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